What's the 'WAVE 3 Founder Sale'?

This was the last founder wave of GoG NFTs that included rare heroes (150k supply)
and pets (40k supply and 10k via a separate whitelist).

Rare heroes had a 4% chance to become an Epic hero and a 1% chance to become a
Legendary hero. There was also a 10% chance for a "Warrior" edition and a 2% chance
for a "Elite" edition (cosmetics only).

Pets summoned with a 60% chance of being Common, 27% chance of being Rare, 10%
chance of being Epic, and 3% chance of being Legendary.


Gas Compensation from Wave 3 Mishap

We had a front-end issue, which led to many users losing money in failed transactions. Where it was our fault, we will be compensating those users.

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