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How to Pre-Register

Be the first to hear about new Guild of Guardians announcements, developments, promotions and other news! 

Visit our official website at where you can enter your email address to be added to our official mailing list!

Providing Your Email Address

When you submit your Pre-Registration application, you must do so with your own email address. By doing so, you are aware that this means Guild of Guardians will send you occasional emails regarding upcoming events, promotions and gameplay releases related to Guild of Guardians. 

GOG Social Channels

Don't check your inbox anymore? You can still stay informed through our social media accounts and Discord:

Delete My Email Address

If you have submitted a Pre-Registration application and have changed your mind and would like to be removed from ongoing mailing lists, please use the Unsubscribe link in our emails.

If you would like your information completely erased, we'll be happy to delete your email address and any other information in our systems. 

Simply email from the email address you used to pre-register.

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