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We have been working hard behind the scenes at GOG HQ and are excited to announce applications for becoming a community play tester!

Despite the recent success and feedback we have received from the recent surprise demo, we value ongoing feedback and transparency, and have introduced a Closed Play Testing initiative in order to gather feedback on builds consistently through development of the game.

What we're looking for!

If you are interesting in playtesting Guild of Guardians, please take a read of what we're looking for below:

  • Players who are keen to play Guild of Guardians in a test environment.
  • Players who understand that gameplay, download, and access to the game, may not always be seamless or smooth in a test environment.
  • Players willing to provide ongoing feedback about builds to the Guild of Guardians team to aid with development.
  • Players willing to take screenshots and give detailed information as to how and when they encountered bugs or problems during gameplay.
  • Players who want to be part of our exclusive Community Play Tester group.
  • Players with a passion for making Guild of Guardians the best game it can be!

  Please Note

Players will not be penalised in any way for not participating (or not being chosen to participate) in any Closed Community Playtesting.

Due to testing objectives and the test environment perks (such as increased energy, Hero cheats, etc.), there will be no token rewards provided to play testers for participating. 

If you're definitely still interested in getting involved, please click the link below to apply!

Apply here!

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