Community Play Testing FAQ

Community Play Test Basics

When did Closed Community Playtesting Start?

Guild of Guardians started Closed Community Playtesting at the end of August 2022. Our first round of applications was opened on the 23rd of August.

How long will the Closed Community Playtesting continue?

Playtesting for this initiative will continue in 2-weekly rounds until the Alpha Testnet playtest planned for later this year. If ending earlier, we will announce in advance when we plan to close out the playtesting.

Who is eligible to participate in playtesting?

Anyone is eligible to participate in playtesting! We are looking for players of all ages, abilities, genders, cultures and experiences. You don't need to have ANY experience with blockchain, NFTs, gaming, roleplaying, or even mobile phones! We want feedback from all walks of life.

I barely ever play games, can I still playtest?

Yes, absolutely! Every level of experience with mobile games and gaming is acceptable for playtesting. Get applying!

Will the playtesting be time limited?

Each round of playtesters will have 10 days to play their specific test build from the moment it is released. Once their build period is over, all users will lose access to the GOG test build that has been provided. A new batch of playtesters will be chosen every 2 weeks as we release a new GOG test build.

How do I become a playtester?

Community members will be chosen from the playtester applications every 2 weeks to receive their spot in the latest GOG test build.

Apply here!

Can I be selected to playtest for more than one build?

Unfortunately not. If you were selected to be included in a build playtest earlier and would like to try another one, I am afraid we are not accepting more than one application.

Will there be rewards for playtesters?

Due to testing objectives and the testing environment, there will be no token rewards provided to playtesters for participating as the knowledge of rewards affects natural player behavior.

What kind of emails will I receive after I sign up?

If access to a playtest build is granted to you, you will receive an email detailing how to gain access to the game download and play the build.

Can I cancel my sign up for Community Playtesting?

If you would like to remove your contact details from our sign up sheet, please submit a ticket to our helpdesk and please provide us with the details you have submitted. We can locate your entry and delete it for you.

Can I give my access to my friend?

If you are granted access to a playtest build, please do not share that access with others. If your friends might like to participate in playtesting for Guild of Guardians, please ask them to apply!

What is expected of being a Community Playtester?

Nothing at all, except to do what you want to! Play in any way you please, on any time frame (within the 10 day window), and as often or as little as you like.

Our only ask is that when providing feedback about your playtest experience, please be really honest with us, even if that feedback is going to be negative. One of our key company tenets here at Immutable and Guild of Guardians is to “lovingly speak our minds” - if there’s something you disliked, we need to hear about it!

Can I share information, content and screenshots from the build?

All playtesters selected will be required to agree to and sign an NDA. Information, content and screenshots cannot be shared from the game without permission from someone in the Guild of Guardians team.

Unreleased Content Warning

No new features, information, negative feedback and screenshots can be shared or discussed within the Guild of Guardians Discord server, Twitter, Facebook group, or other social media.

Play Test Approval and Participation

I signed up but have not received an email or notification of my acceptance?

Applying to participate in play testing does not guarantee that you will receive access to the upcoming play test, or any future play tests. Only applications that fill in the submission form with all needed information will be considered.

I signed up but I selected the incorrect mobile operating system, can I change it?

No, you are not able to change the operating system once your application has been accepted and your access has been granted. Please contact Customer Support and we will be able to have your correct information added for the next play test build.

I signed up but I provided an email address that was not associated with my iOS/Google Play account. Can I change it?

No, you are not able to change the email address used for your application once your application has been accepted and your access has been submitted. Please contact Customer Support and we will be able to have your correct information added for the next play test build.

I was granted access to a play test build but I am busy during the 10 day duration. Can I change the build I have access to and do a later one?

No, it is not possible to delay your play test to a future date if your application was approved and your access was granted.

Can I find out who else is also in my play test build?

We are unable to give out the names or details of other users who also play testing in your build. There is an official Community Play Testers Discord group, where you can choose to chat with other players who have and are participating on a voluntary basis. Participation in the Community Play Testing Discord is not required or expected.

Is a mobile device required for play testing?

Yes, you will need a mobile device capable of downloading and running games from the Google Play Store (Android) or the Apple Store (iOS). This can include tablets/iPads.

Is an internet connection required for play testing?

Yes, you will need a network connection in order to download and install the game, and also to actively play the build.

How will I gain access to the play test build for download?

If you have been approved to participate in a gameplay build you will receive an email from our official email address with instructions on how to download and install the game and gain access to the test build.

Can I participate in the play test when I’m in public and not in my home?

Yes, you can play while you’re out and about (it is a mobile game after all!). Please keep in mind the terms you have agreed to when applying to participate in Community testing, and we just ask that you be aware of your surroundings when playing in public - if someone is actively recording or taking pictures in the area where you are playing, please try to ensure our unreleased game content is in no way visible.

I am finished with the play test build, how do I end it?

You can end it at any time by removing the game from your device. You are able to reinstall and continue playing if you choose to, provided the time allotted for your playtest group hasn’t expired.

When the duration of your play test build ends, the game will not be deleted from your device automatically. You will need to delete the game manually, or you may choose to keep the test build game on your device and update it if you gain access to any future test builds.

How can I submit feedback about my play test?

You can submit any feedback related to how your play test went or any issues you encountered using our Feedback Form.

Feel free to submit feedback as often as you like throughout the play test, or you can save up your comments and submit them at the end once you’ve finished.

I’m having trouble gaining access to my play test build due to the game not downloading or logging in properly, what do I do?

Please double check the email address you have applied with and ensure it matches the email address associated with your mobile device OS account (ie. your Apple email address for iOS, or your Google Play email address for Android). If they do not match, you will be unable to play in the current build and will need to contact our Support team to be added to a future build using the correct email address.

I’m having trouble playtesting my build due to a gameplay problem, what do I do?

If the problem makes it impossible for you to continue playing the build, please submit a ticket to our Customer Support team using the helpdesk. Please indicate exactly what kind of issue you are experiencing, and how it is impacting your ability to continue playing the game.

If you come across a bug or issue that doesn’t make it impossible for you to continue playing, please submit the details of that issue via the Feedback Form, instead.

Play Test Environment Note

Please note: You are participating in a playtest environment, and the gameplay experience will not always be smooth. You may encounter unexpected bugs or problems that hinder your play and this is expected. If you come across any issues that make it impossible for you to continue playing, please submit details of that to our Customer Support team via the Helpdesk.

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