Play Testing Guidelines

Playtesting is a little bit different to regular gameplay, because our goals and objectives are not the same in a playtest environment, and we have all these shiny buttons!

We have collated a few quick guidelines on what to consider when you're playing, and how you can help the development of Guild of Guardians if you have been approved to playtest!

Play Test Environment Disclaimers

  1. Expect that your experience will probably not be smooth - you are engaging with a testing build in the very early stages of development.
  2. Know that the current appearance of the game (including textures, animations, lighting, effects, etc.) are not the final versions for release, and are also very open to feedback.
  3. You will not be able to keep the heroes / items / progress that you achieve in any playtesting after the 10-day playtesting period you participate has ended.
  4. At the end of your 10-day playtest (or when you feel like you are done with the build), please submit a ticket to our helpdesk outlining any bugs you may have encountered, and fill out our feedback form with detailed thoughts and feedback about the playtest.
    1. Alternatively, you are welcome to submit tickets regarding bugs or submit the feedback form at any point during your playtest duration, as many times as you like!

How to Submit Feedback

  1. Give us your honest opinion! We want your honest feedback, please do not hold back.
  2. There are no right or wrong answers! Anything you thought or felt during your playtest is valid feedback: 
    1. Your emotions when you opened up the app for the first time
    2. The feelings the soundtrack evoked in a particular dungeon
    3. How much you liked or disliked a particular hero's appearance / voice / ultimate move / beard, etc.
    4. Did you often merge your heroes too early?
    5. Did you encounter issues with your device during gameplay?
  3. Be as detailed as you can. No detail is too small, particularly if you are providing feedback about something you disliked, or encountered a problem with.
  4. Play the game how you want to play it! Do not feel compelled to play a particular way just because you are participating in a playtest build. Play exactly as you like to, that is our only expectation!

How to Submit a Bug Report

If you have come across something you suspect is a bug, please open up a Customer Support ticket! We will escalate any reports of bugs through to our team to be fixed up for future builds. 

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