What is a POAP?

A POAP (pronounced “poh-app”) stands for Proof of Attendance Protocol, which is a way of using the blockchain to signify user attendance and participation at both virtual and real-world events. POAPs are collectibles minted under the Proof of Attendance Protocol smart contract, and are given as a unique identifier to prove that an event that was attended. Each POAP is an NFT badge to signify and showcase that attendance, either in person, online, or in spirit. 

What are POAPs for?

Usually, a POAP is created to memorialize a significant event or occasion that is in some way significant to Web3 or to blockchain - you can think of a POAP as a kind of “badge of honor” for being there when it happened!

In addition to being a digitally recorded record of attendance, POAP’s may hold some additional utility depending on the issuers of the collection, such as granting access to unique purchases, rewards, or exclusive content.

How can we use a GOG POAP?

All POAPs issued and distributed by Guild of Guardians at this time do not have any added utility beyond proof of attendance to the associated events. If this changes in the future, it is something we will announce to the entire community!

Do Guild of Guardians have any POAPs?

We do! You can check out a showcase of our POAP releases here!

Where can I find out more about POAPs?

The POAP.xyz website has a bunch of resources and help articles if you'd like to find out more.

If you're after some more specific help in relation to Guild of Guardians POAPs, check out our POAP FAQS here!

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