What is Immutable zkEVM and how is it different to Immutable X?

What is Immutable zkEVM?

The Immutable zkEVM chain is the first of its kind - a dedicated chain for games that offers EVM compatibility, low cost, massive scale, and enterprise-grade security. It combines the benefits of zk-rollup technology with the power of the Ethereum ecosystem, all while offering access to the entire suite of Immutable gaming products. 

‍In contrast to general purpose chains, which are designed to support a broad set of applications and smart contract functionality, Immutable zkEVM is built for games. While friction and high transaction costs may be acceptable in other markets, games need to optimize for scale, speed, and native user experiences. Games also need an ecosystem where they can thrive with their players and community.

What's the difference between Immutable X and Immutable zkEVM?

  • Immutable zkEVM is compatible with smart contracts and enables advanced gameplay mechanics, rich economies, and interoperability with the Ethereum ecosystem. There are low gas fees associated with on-chain activities, but there are options to mitigate these fees through Immutable Passport and Immutable Relayer. This rollup is recommended for more complex and mature games that want to use smart contracts in their design. 
  • Immutable X offers zero gas fees, instant transactions, and streamlined gameplay mechanics. This rollup offers a hyper-optimized experience for a constrained set of use cases and doesn’t support smart contracts or Solidity code, so it’s recommended for less complex and mature games that don’t require smart contracts in their design. 

Immutable will continue to support Immutable X as we move forward, in parallel with Immutable zkEVM. Now all of Immutable’s products will be available across multiple rollups, giving game studios optionality based on their goals and reducing the risk of committing to one environment. 

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