How do I sell NFTs?

To sell an NFT, you will first need to find a platform or marketplace that supports the sale of NFTs. There are many different options available, including dedicated NFT marketplaces and more general-purpose cryptocurrency exchanges that also support the sale of NFTs.

Guild of Guardians is built on the ImmutableX platform, which does mean that you can buy and sell assets across the ImmutableX marketplace ecosystem directly with the wallet you have linked up to IMX and Guild of Guardians.

If you need to link up your wallet in order to get started with trading on the ImmutableX marketplace, you can check out this help article for instructions!

Selling your NFTs on the ImmutableX Marketplace

  1. Ensure the wallet that has custody of the NFT assets you wish to sell is connected to IMX. If you need some help getting your wallet correctly linked to IMX, please see the detailed help documentation here: Connect to your Layer-2 wallet
  2. When your wallet is connected, you will be able to view your tradeable assets on the My Assets page. Any assets you can see on this page are your personal assets associated with the connected wallet, and can be listed for sale on the marketplace.
  3. Choose the NFT that you want to sell by clicking on it from your assets page. On the detailed view of the NFT, you will see a "Sell your item" panel. You will need to select the currency and set the buy price you wish to sell the item for.

    Sell your item panel

  4. Click "List for sale".
  5. ImmutableX will seek confirmation from your digital wallet that you have authorised the sale of that asset - you will need to confirm that you have authorised the action in order for it to go ahead. Failing to authorise the action in time, or by clicking "Cancel", will result in the asset not being listed for sale.

    Confirm the action

  6. Once you have confirmed the listing request, your NFT is listed for sale. Potential buyers will be able to view and purchase it on the platform.

I listed an NFT, what do I do now?

Now you wait! Sales on crypto marketplaces are subject to a variety of factors that can affect their success, including the quality and desirability of the asset being sold, the price being asked, and the overall state of the market.

Some things to note:

  • Potential buyers can choose to buy the NFT for your exact asking price, which will immediately complete the sale with no additional input from you.
  • Potential buyers can choose make an offer below the asking price you have set, which will send you a notification of the potential buyer's offer. The sale offer at a lower price will not be completed unless you explicitly accept that offer.
  • When a buyer purchases your NFT, the IMX platform will handle the transfer of the NFT to the buyer's wallet and the payment of the sale proceeds to your wallet.
  • After the sale is complete, you will be able to see the transaction details in your Transaction History on the IMX marketplace, and the proceeds from the sale directly in your digital wallet.

Good luck and have fun on the marketplace!


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