Creating a Wallet

It's super easy to create a new wallet on your browser! You can check out what kinds of online wallets are compatible with Immutable X here, and you can find some instructions below on how to create a MetaMask wallet:

Create a MetaMask Wallet

  1. Download the MetaMask extension for your browser from

  2. Once installed, click on the MetaMask icon in your browser and click on the "Create a Wallet" button.

  3. Read and accept the terms of service and privacy policy.

  4. Create a strong password to encrypt your wallet.

  5. Save your seed phrase in a safe place, this seed phrase is the only way to access your wallet, so make sure you store it securely.

  6. Confirm your seed phrase by clicking on the words in the correct order.

  7. Once your wallet is created, you will be taken to the dashboard, where you can view your account information, including your public address, which you can use to receive funds.

  8. Always keep your seed phrase and password safe and never share it with anyone. You can use MetaMask to connect to decentralised apps and make transactions on the Ethereum network.

You can also import existing wallets that aren't on MetaMask into the MetaMask interface, so you can use them all together. You can do this from within the extension pop-up by clicking "Import Wallet" and following the instructions!

If you have any trouble making a new MetaMask wallet please contact our team via ticket directly, or you can also find the MetaMask help documentation here!

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