Compatible Wallets

When it comes to trading digital assets and cryptocurrencies, your wallet of choice definitely matters! Sometimes less features is more secure for your digital assets - however, in order to trade and sell those assets on the IMX marketplace, you do need to hold those assets on a wallet that can be linked to Immutable X. 

Compatible Online Wallets

Web-based and mobile wallets are quick and easy to set up and use, as well as connect directly to the Immutable X marketplace. For our tips on how to keep your online wallets secure, check out this help article: Wallet Security

MetaMask Wallet

MetaMask is an online wallet available to use on desktop and mobile devices. It has a browser extension which allows you to link it directly to the IMX protocol with just a few clicks, and supports the viewing of NFT assets owned on the wallet using the mobile version.

If you'd like to get started with a MetaMask wallet, check out the MetaMask website where you can download the browser extension and get started:

GameStop Wallet

The GameStop wallet is an online wallet available to use on desktop and Apple mobile devices. It utilises a browser extension which allows you to access various Layer 1 and Layer 2 protocols directly from your browser, and can be linked up to the Immutable X Marketplace.

If you'd like to get started with a GameStop wallet, you can check out the GameStop Wallet website and download the browser extension to begin:

Please Note

The GameStop wallet is currently in Beta.

Hardware Wallets via MetaMask

MetaMask currently supports the use of particular hardware wallets through the use of the desktop version, including the following:

  • Trezor
  • Ledger
  • Lattice
  • Keystone (also supported on the Mobile version of MetaMask)
  • AirGap Vault

Please see MetaMask's Hardware Wallet Hub page for more information on how to use these.

Magic Wallet

Magic wallets allow users to create and sign in to their wallet with only an email address - it's an easy sign up and login wallet with very few other features. For more information on creating or connecting via a Magic Wallet, please see the Immutable X Support Page.

For additional information regarding Immutable X compatible wallets, please see the Immutable X Help Documentation.

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