Known Issues

In this article you will find a list of any and all known issues that may currently affect your use of the Guild of Guardians mobile application, including gameplay, login, access, or blockchain features of the game.

This list will be updated often, so please be sure to check here before opening a ticket!

If you do come across any new issues, please contact our customer support team using the following request form and we will check into it and escalate the issue as needed. 

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Current Known Issues

  • Andronica stops moving - most often associated with using Andronica's Ultimate, or Andronica dying and not moving after being revived.
  • Some menu items appear as white text on white background.
  • Some names in Ultimate ability descriptions are incorrect.
  • Some Heroes' Ultimate ability descriptions are incorrect/describing the wrong Ultimate.
  • Frostmire 7 texture problems (bridge texture not loading, loading incorrectly).

General Issues we expect to see

  • Typos and description discrepancies - the game is in very early development and not in a polished state, we do expect some human error in the in-game texts at this stage. Do feel free to report these to us when you see them, but there will be a full review of all in-game texts in the future.
  • Gems delivery for all users - this process is a constant work in progress, and there may be builds where this is not completely functional for all users. We will prioritise this function for all playtests (as it is a critical part of the merging process) but we can't always guarantee it's functionality for all users.
  • Textures missing, grey, or blurriness - whilst not intentional, problems with textures loading are quite common in the test builds and may sometimes visually hinder level progression (ie. the bridge to the exit is missing textures and so you cannot immediately tell you need to walk over the lava to leave).
  • Small frees or frame rate lag - this may or may not be related to your device depending on the specific build, but performance will not be fully optimised for most devices until much later in the development process.
  • Individual/one-off crashes - all application crashes are recorded and reported to our development team. If you experience a one-off crash that doesn't consistently occur, this does not need to be manually reported to us.
  • Individual/one-off disconnections that may result in progress not being saved - disconnections due to internet connectivity are not something we have control over (as this is device-managed), and we are not able to recover or restore progress in the event a disconnection causes progress to not be saved. Note: if you're encountering constant disconnections that don't appear to be related to your network connectively, please report those to us.


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