What is a gas fee?

Q: Do I have to pay gas fees for in-game transactions on Immutable zkEVM?
A: No, gamers enjoy gas-free transactions for in-game actions such as trading and asset transfers on zkEVM when using Immutable Passport.

Q: How does zkEVM make gaming transactions gas-free?
A: Immutable zkEVM utilises advanced blockchain technology to remove the cost barrier, ensuring gamers do not incur traditional blockchain transaction fees within the gaming ecosystem.

Q: Will using Immutable Passport affect my gaming experience?
A: Immutable Passport is designed to enhance your gaming experience by enabling gas-free transactions, making it easier to manage digital assets without worrying about transaction costs.

Q: Are there any instances where I might incur fees on zkEVM?
A: While in-game activities will be gas-free, transactions that interact with the broader ecosystem outside of the game may incur gas fees.

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