Can I get my assets back if they are stolen from my wallet?

Whether or not you can get your assets back if they are stolen from your wallet depends on several factors, including the type of wallet you are using, the specifics of the situation, and the technology that underlies the assets.

If your assets were stored in a centralised wallet, such as an exchange, it may be possible to recover your funds by reporting the theft to the exchange and following their procedures for recovering stolen funds.

If your assets were stored in a decentralised wallet, such as a software or hardware wallet, recovery options may be more limited. In general, once assets are transferred from a decentralised wallet, the transactions are irreversible and there is no central authority to turn to for help.

If the theft was a result of a phishing scam or other malicious behavior, it may be more difficult to recover your assets, as the access to that wallet has been compromised. We would recommend creating a brand new wallet and securing your existing assets before doing anything else!

In general, it's important to keep in mind that decentralised wallets operate on a trustless, decentralised platform. It's essential to be vigilant and protect your assets by keeping your private keys secure, avoiding phishing scams, and only interacting with reputable wallet providers and web3 games.

You can check out a thorough guide on how to stay safe when engaging with the web3 elements of a game here.

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