Esports Sale Bonuses

It's 's not everyday that an esport team partners with game, let alone 8 of the worlds biggest teams with a web3 game and this monumental occasion, marks the start of a new gaming revolution. 🏆

Any unsold supply left remaining after the end of the sale will be burned, to maintain scarcity for our community! 🔥

Esports Bonuses!


1 for 1 Airdrop

The first 5500 Esports hero mints done by Founder/Reborne account holders in the Founders/Reborne list will be matched 1:1 with an Esports hero airdrop to be distributed within 90 days. Based on early support feedback, we are allowing more than one airdrop NFT per wallet - holders who have already purchased will be matched 1:1!

(Note: You do not need to hold the esport heroes after you purchase them to qualify for the airdrop.)

Signed Esports Jerseys

The first 20 Guardians to collect the most heroes from a team during the primary sale will win an exclusively signed esports jersey!

Design a Hero

The Guardian, who collects the MOST heroes from the primary sale will be granted the opportunity to rub shoulders with our creative team and design their very own in-game asset.

  • How can you see if you have the most heroes from the primary sale? You will have to play with a blockchain explorer to help figure that one out, we will not be providing leaderboards for this bonus!


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