Migrating your $GOG tokens to zkEVM


Introducing the $GOG Migration Portal

We've taken this step to ensure you're well-informed and prepared at each migration phase of your $GOG tokens, from withdrawing from Immutable X, transitioning through Ethereum Layer 1, to moving them over to Immutable zkEVM.

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How do I migrate my $GOG tokens from Immutable X to Immutable zkEVM?

Begin Your Migration Journey with Security in Mind: As you prepare to migrate your tokens, prioritize your digital safety. Visit our official token migration page and securely log into your Passport account to start the process without falling prey to scams.

Step 1 - Withdrawing from Immutable X

  1. Directly visit our dedicated migration portal to initiate your journey.
  2. Ensure that the MetaMask wallet holding your $GOG tokens is already linked to Immutable X.
  3. Initiate the withdrawal process with a simple click.
  4. Confirm the required transactions to proceed with the withdrawal.
  5. A waiting period of up to 24 hours is necessary to prepare the withdrawal of your tokens from Layer 2 ImmutableX to Ethereum Layer 1.

Step 2 - Completing the Withdrawal to Ethereum Layer 1

  1. After waiting up to 24-hours, finalise the withdrawal to transfer your tokens onto Ethereum Layer 1
  2. This step might take up to 20 minutes, depending on the Ethereum network's current volume and associated gas fees.

Step 3 - Depositing onto zkEVM

  1. With your tokens now on Ethereum, the subsequent phase involves moving them onto Immutable zkEVM. Log into your Immutable Passport, or sign up for an account if you haven't already.
  2. Within your Immutable Passport dashboard, proceed to deposit your $GOG tokens onto zkEVM. This stage is generally quick but can vary depending on the network conditions.

For assistance or inquiries, our support team is always ready to help guide you through any step of the process.

How do I know if they've successfully been migrated?

Upon completion, all transactions will be visible on the Immutable zkEVM Explorer, marking the successful end of your migration.

Rewards Program for $GOG Holders

Eligible holders of more than 50 $GOG tokens on Immutable X as of 10 AM AEDT, 9 February 2024, who maintain or increase their $GOG token balance on Immutable zkEVM for one month post-portal launch, will be greeted with a bonus of 50 $GOG tokens per eligible wallet.

How to stay safe and avoid scams

The upcoming migration is a significant step, and safeguarding your digital treasures is our top priority. Adhere to these essential security measures to protect your assets:

Official Channels Only: Engage with the migration exclusively through Guild of Guardians' verified channels.

Verify Web Addresses: Exercise due diligence by verifying the spelling and domain of web addresses you engage with.

Steer Clear of Suspicious Links: Avoid links from unverified sources. Authentic communication will only direct you to our App Store listing or official website.

Guard Your Seed Phrase: Your passwords or wallet seed phrases are your private keys. We will never request them, under any circumstances.

Remember, the security of your digital assets is of utmost importance. We are dedicated to supporting you through every step of this transition, ensuring you maintain full control over your digital assets. If you have any questions or concerns about anything, please reach out to our support team


$GOG Token Migration FAQs

What if I hold $GOG tokens on Ethereum L1?

You can keep your tokens on L1 as with any ERC-20 token, or choose to bridge them over to use on Immutable zkEVM L2. Keep in mind that you’ll need to hold $GOG tokens in your zkEVM Passport wallet when interacting with certain elements in the game and web3 systems like the Altar of Sacrifice, our future web-based NFT minting system.

What if I store my $GOG tokens in a hardware wallet? 

Assets in your hardware wallet remain secure and under your control. Migrating them to Immutable zkEVM is your choice.

What if I have my assets across multiple wallets? 

You can transfer your $GOG tokens between wallets on Immutable X without incurring any gas fees. We’d recommend consolidating your tokens into one Metamask wallet on Immutable X to make the withdrawal process more efficient and easier. 

Will I qualify for the $GOG rewards program if I have multiple wallets holding $GOG tokens on Immutable X?

Eligibility is exclusive to wallets holding over 50 $GOG tokens. Combining balances across wallets does not meet the criteria.

Do I qualify for the GOG zkEVM token migration rewards program if my tokens are on L1 or in a CEX? 

To qualify for the rewards program, tokens must be on Immutable X L2 as this is intended to rewards token holders who specifically need to migrate their tokens off of Immutable X.

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