Eri’s Grand Opening FAQ

What are Prayers, and what can I do with them?

Each Prayer is an NFT asset which can be traded as-is, or redeemed in The Altar for a randomized Guardian from its series.  

For more information about rarities and drop rates, please check out the Event Guide.

What currencies can I use to pay?

Items in Eri’s Store are priced in USDC and may be paid with USDC coins on Immutable zkEVM, or by debit card (recommended) or credit card (via Transak and you can check the Transak Supported Countries here).

If you have ETH, IMX or GOG on Immutable zkEVM, you can swap these funds to USDC to pay. When you get to the checkout you can be guided through this process.

If you wish to swap but are in an area that is blocked from our swap functionality, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information.

Do I need an Immutable Passport to shop in Eri’s Store?

Eri accepts both Immutable Passport and MetaMask wallets in her store.

However, Guild of Guardians requires players to be signed in with an Immutable Passport to access any web3 assets, and those assets must be in an Immutable Passport wallet to be used in crafting or upgrade activities.

I have purchased an NFT on Eri’s Store with MetaMask, how do I transfer my assets to Immutable Passport?

If you have assets in a Metamask wallet, Passport can help you link your wallets and manage the items and collectibles within.

  1. Go to Immutable Passport Inventory
    1. If you don’t have an Immutable Passport yet, you’ll be asked to create one
  2. Click “Add to your collection”
  3. Choose “Import from wallet”
  4. Follow the instructions to bring NFTs from your MetaMask to your Immutable Passport to use in game

I have suffient funds in my MetaMask wallet but why am I still unable to make a purchase? 

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If you use your MetaMask wallet to buy Prayer NFTs, you will need to have a specific amount of IMX in your MetaMask wallet to pay for the gas fee. However, this will be covered if you use a Passport to make the purchase.

How do I fund my Passport or MetaMask wallet?

If you need additional funds to make your purchase, you can do this in one of two ways—

Option 1: Directly from the Store.

  1. Visit Eri’s Store and connect your wallet
  2. Click “Open wallet” and view your balances
  3. Select “Add coins”

Option 2: From the Immutable Toolkit

  1. Visit Immutable Toolkit and connect your wallet
  2. Select an option from the sidebar

Adding funds

  1. Choose the option that works best for your needs—
    1. “Buy”— Use a card (debit preferred) to purchase coins of your choice (USDC recommended)
    2. “Move” or “Bridge”— Transfer funds from ethereum mainnet another wallet or network to Immutable zkEVM into this one
    3. “Swap”— Exchange one coin for another (may or may not be available in your region.)
      1. If you wish to swap but are in an area that is blocked from our swap functionality, please refer to  QuickSwap or WarpGate’s website for more information
  2. Follow the instructions to bring the necessary funds to your wallet

I'm having issues purchasing as the page just keeps on loading after I click on Connect Wallet. How to proceed with this? 

Check the site settings and make sure that there isn't anything blocked (pop-ups, cookies, etc.) Additionally, clear the cache and cookies in your browser and update your browser to the latest version. We'd also recommend you to review the settings of your antivirus application and VPN.

How do I enable my camera to complete Transak's KYC?

Transak offers detailed instructions for how to do this here.

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